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This is our Panther Removals Removal & Storage page. We have listed the full address of Panther Removals, phone numbers and websites. Panther Removals is in London, Panther Removals offers cheap furniture removal and cheap storage space in London. They also offer cheap fast removals, cheap weekend removals, home and house removals and furniture storage in London.

Panther Removals Map:
Panther Removals
400 Wick Lane
London, E3 2JG
Phone: 0800-085 0943
Fax: 020 84661882


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    Shawna O\'Reilly on 19 Dec 2009
    Unbelievable! These people phoned me as soon as they left with my goods demanding an extra 2,500. I refused to pay and they held my stuff for three days before I agreed to pay 1,000. They came to my new address 6 hours late and then demanded the extra 1,500. By this point I was literally falling apart with crying. I managed to get an extra 300 but that was all. They dumped my stuff on the pavement and left me with no money at all for xmas. Avoid like the plague. These people are dangerous gangsters.
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    Deborah Goodman on 06 Apr 2009
    I shuddered as I read these reviews - I moved in April last year & they did exactly the same to me. They came to my house & quoted me much less than everyone else. On the day I moved, they turned up in two tatty rented vans, threw my stuff in without packing it properly and then drove off. I had paid for a weeks \'storage\' until I moved in to my new house. The following week they turned up - not at 12 as agreed, but a 7.30pm. They then demanded an extra 200 in cash because \'there are extra steps\' and when I refused to pay it, they sat outside in the van & refused to unpack my furniture. Eventually I called the police - who weren\'t interested, but this was enough to get them to unlad. They threw my stuff, a lot of it smashed - all over the pavement and drove off. These people are criminals.
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    Andrew Cassell on 12 Mar 2009
    Unfortunately I did not do a google search before employing these chiseling crooks. They are outright crooks and liars and like the other reviewers on this site extorted a lot of cash from us using threats. We have decided to do something about them and will be contacting both the police and trading standards. If anyone else has had problems with Panther Removals and wish to get some payback please email me at stop_panther_removals@hotmail.co.uk
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    Sebastian McLennan on 02 Jul 2008
    Panther removals quoted us 1,200 to move our belongings from London to Hastings. After loading their (rented) vans they drove off and 12 hours later contacted me to demand 5,300 because \"more vans were needed than originally thought.\" After getting my overdraft extended at the bank I managed to get the money to pay these swindlers, and received my items a full FOUR days later. Panther Removals are criminals exploiting the fact that you have agreed for them to take your items and therefore it is a civil rather than criminal matter. If you are considering using Panther Removals, or any firm that is not legally registered with the Guild, then think again! You will end up, like many, never receiving your belongings even again. Panther Removals destroy lives. Please avoid.
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    Michael Bray on 01 Jul 2008
    If you are searching online for information about Panther Removals there is a good chance you are considering using them but are not sure. Let me assure you that you do NOT want to use this company who are well known to the police for using a well known scam to extort money from you. Here is the scam: 1) They come to your property and do a bogus inventory, giving you a quote that undercuts all competitors. 2) On the day of moving they will load the van and then drive off. They will then contact you and let you know that you MUST pay double what was originally quoted, as you apparently have more goods than was seen in the inventory (obviously a lie). 3) If you disagree with this or protest they will simply put your goods into storage, basically stealing them, until you pay the money. 4) At this point you are powerless to do anything but agree to pay so that you can get your belongings. 5) They break your items and refuse to pay for them. At no point during the loading of the van do they let you know that your goods exceed the bogus inventory. Basically they steal your things, and then ransom them back to you. This is obviously a crime. Please do your homework before choosing a removal company at random. Many of them, including Panther Removals, are just criminals pretending to be a removal firm. Please go to the National Guild of Removers and Storers at www.ngrs.co.uk
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    Luiz Hara on 19 Jun 2008
    This company is ILLEGAL, they run a SCAM - we were quoted 1,500 for our move on 30 May 08. On arrival at our new home at 11pm (!), they tried to overcharge us by 1,000. When we asked for an explanation of the additional charge they could not explain this. We called the police, they left very quickly knocking me off the road with their vans as I tried to stop them. They took ALL our possessions. They called us during the night and told us that they would only return if we paid them 4,100 in cash. We had no other option but raise this money very quickly through friends and family. They told us they would not return our things without being paid this money in cash. They came back next day and dumped our stuff anywhere around the house, breaking many of our things. Before unloading the last van, they asked for another 500. We only had 400 left which they took. We ended up paying 4,500 for this move after being quoted 1,500. They did not assemble any of the furniture which had been agreed in the initial quote. This was one of the most dreadful experiences we have experienced, it was blackmail, we were extorted this money. The police could not help us as it is apparently a civil matter and not a criminal matter, and we were told to pursue this on the courts. Be warned, pls do not use this company.

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